1973 Master Baseball Season

1973 Master Baseball Season
Item# BM1973CARD

This 821 card set now has the master game symbols printed on the cards! no more writing symbols on the cards. or not being able to read the symbols you wrote on the cards. oakland wins its second of three consecutive world series beating the mets in seven games. oakland won the last two games at home to capture the title. the mets had the ninth best record in baseball 82-79. this was the first world series that the dh rule was used. charlie finley tried to disable second baseman mike andrews with a fake injury. andrews never played in the majors after the 1973 season. the 1973 national league playoffs are remembered for the pete rose and bud harrelson brawl in game three. the reds were upset with harrelson because he said "he [jon matlock] made the big red machine look like me hitting today." the 1973 season was the last season of the great willie may's career. however this season was not up to his usual standards. two of my favorite players started their mlb careers in 1973: george brett and the brewers gorman thomas. can you manage the mets to the world championship? can you manage a 99 win reds team to the world championship and a rematch of the 1972 World Series?

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