Baseball 2020 Hall of Fame Set

Baseball 2020 Hall of Fame Set
Item# BHOF2020

Baseball Hall of Fame set based on the best five consecutive years of each player.
List of players

The statistics selected for the APBA Hall of Fame are the best 5 consecutive seasons for each player as judged by APBA. The stats you see on the cards represent these 5 seasons.

The selected offensive stats are displayed on the card in what most would consider a full season set of stats for every hitter. These stats will help you to understand the performance of each player that makes that player a Hall of Famer. At the same time, the stats on each hitters card allow us to see them in a statistical set that is recognizable and easy for us to digest.

The pitching stats on the cards represent what APBA would consider a fair work load for each pitcher, while allowing (like the offensive stats) for us to see the 5 season statistical rates in a statistical set that is recognizable. Like the offensive stats, viewing the stats on the pitchers cards gives an appreciation for the abilities of each pitcher that made them Hall of Famers.

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