APBA Pro Football Basic Game

APBA Pro Football Basic Game
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2013 Roster

APBA Football is the granddaddy of football simulations, celebrating more than 50 years of long bombs, quarterback sacks and blocked field goals. If you've ever wanted to coach real pro players, APBA Pro Football is for you. You call the plays on offense, align your defense when the other guys have the ball, and make the key substitutions that could spell the difference between victory and defeat.

We've been refining and improving APBA Football for five decades, and this version is the best yet. The game comes with 2013 Denver, Seattle, Florida State and Auburn teams. Information on 180 different players is included, with full season card sets both historical and current are available separately.

The rule book's been redesigned, too. It collects all the rules and rosters and play boards in a handy spiral-bound format, and APBA history, playing tips and league guidelines. Best of all, its quick-start guide can have you playing APBA Pro Football in - are you ready for this? - five minutes! Game boards and score sheets have also been made more attractive and easier to use.

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